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Manufacturers of Machined Plastic and  Metallic Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings,Wheels, Spacers, Assorted Rollers and More...




Round Belt Pulleys









Please call or email us with any pricing inquires, material pricing has been very fluid and rising over the last year at an unprecedented rate.

UPDATE: Now offering our pulleys in a variety of colors. Perfect for that special application  or " Do-It-Yourselfer" . Please refer to the  pulley  pages  for  specifics.

Hello and welcome to the Conklin Manufacturing website. We appreciate you visiting our website and, of course, your business. Conklin Manufacturing is a full functioning machine/tool shop, equipped with the latest CNC equipment  to quickly and accurately fabricate and manufacture components for our customers.

We currently machinine and fabricatate UHMW replacement components and other assorted items  used in the professional car wash industry. We have a wide customer base, both domestic and international. Please view our website for additional information

Besides our background in machining plastics, we also process parts/components from a varity of materials (several different plastics, steel, aluminum, brass, etc...). All of our parts/componets are geared toward our customers requirements and needs.

Viewing our product listing will give a quick " snap shot"   of  Conklin Manufacturing's   areas of focus. These listings are by no means limiting, if you have additional needs/requirements, please let us know.

An overview  of our products and targeted industries:

-  Round,  " V"   and  Flat  Belt  Pulleys
      Food Processing, Medical, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Electrical...
- Sleeve  and Flanged Bushings/Bearings
      Food Processing, Medical, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Conveyor Fabrication...
- Spacers
      Food Processing, Medical, Agricultural, Manufacturing, Conveyor Fabrication...

...    - Wheels/Rollers & More
      All encompossing, you need it...We'll manufacture it...   


V-Belt Pulleys



Flat Belt Pulleys


Sleeve  Bearings/Bushings


Flanged  Bearings/Bushings




Wheels/Rollers &   More...


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Conklin Manufacturing
5478 S. Saginaw
Flint, Michigan 48507
Phone/Fax: 810-742-4762

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